Offering: piloting services

Support and relief are on the way: I am solving problems in international teams and companies working as interim manager or project manager. Plainly spoken: My job is the opposite of “doing a powerpoint presentation and walk back out again“. I am getting on board and will be part of the team (temporaryly).

Searching: rough waters

The wording “navigate through treacherous straits“ captures pretty well what I do on a daily basis. My expertise lies mainly in managing projects directly at your place and with all the difficulties you have to overcome in such projects.

In every country in the world

You can hire me for interim or project management – I am working as contractor on a project basis.

It is all a matter of training

I am offering training sessions on the following topics:

• Project management
• Leadership development
• Team development
• Intercultural trainings for Germany, the US, Canada, UK, Southeast Asia and the Arabic world – for teams and individuals

Why me? – Three good reasons

1. I have lived in 3 countries and worked on all continents. I have developed teams with members from Asian and Arab cultures. I know the challenges and opportunities from day-to-day business.
2. I do not only know what I am talking about: I am very good at passing on my know-how and experience to teams and individuals.
3. I know company structures bottom-up. In large corporate structure different rules apply than in a small family business. This is no problem – as long as you are aware of it.