intercultural team development

More than the sum of its parts

When is a team a team? And how can you enable a team, to work together interculturally and successfully? If there was a magic formula, someone would have become pretty rich a long time ago. Of course there are facts and knowledge that one can learn. But the real team development, the“welding together,” is a process that is slightly different for all teams. Each team consists of unique people who have their own perception and their own beliefs.

I am your expert for team development

Tact, initiating processes at the right time and a good measure of steadfastness are my “soft factors”. Factual knowledge, decades of experience and practice are the hard facts I bring along.

Communication is one of the toughest

…a wise man once said. That’s it. Everyone communicates, whether he likes it or not. I can help your employees to better decode the messages of others and thus to work together more successfully and smoothly.

Understanding cultures

In Germany, Central Franconians do not even understand the Upper Bavarians. They claim they are not even Bavarians, but Franconians. Try to understand this as an outsider (or foreigner)! What I am trying to say is that cultural understanding and misunderstanding starts at your own front door. With increased distance and the use of a foreign language the “I-do-not-understand” rate increases enormously.