truely manage projects

The good news…

… you can learn project management as you can learn a language.

… and the bad news:

You HAVE TO learn it. Project management is not a talent and not something you can “somehow” acquire along the way.

80% of all projects are not on time / budget / quality

… and that is not because your employees lack expertise or that they are not motivated. It is always “only” the feelings, misunderstandings and all the things you did not expect: “We thought the others will do that! The material has been delivered later; there is nothing we could have done! What shall we do now?”

My personal translation of project management is: “Plan everything that you can plan and monitor the implementation consistently. This way you have the time and nerves for all the things that go wrong. And there will be plenty!”

International projects = difficulty level 2

And if one has mastered the project management basics, level 2 begins:International projects. Then in addition to the “misunderstandings and feelings,” the intercultural differences are also added: Our Chinese partner has signed – and now he is not keeping the contract. Learn to decode different cultures and lead projects in your company to success!